Thirty-First of March

March 31st is another point of celebration and reflection on my personal wheel of the year. March 31st 2008 marks the first anniversary of the founding of the Chivalry Now Council of Knights.

Chivalry Now is an online community of individuals who are drawn together, from all walks of life, through the chivalrous hearts found beating in their chests. The community is not a religious one, but rather an ethical one that encourages its members to discover their own code of existence and then to live by it to the fullest extent of their abilities.

It’s a community of three tiers:  general Community Membership for those who wish to occasionally discuss topics concerning chivalry, the Companionship for those members who show a consistent need for an ethical existence, and finally Knighthood for those few members who are willing to devote further time and energy to the promotion of Just Living.

 If you feel that such a community could be of interest to you, then I joyfully direct you to and await you in its forum.


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