A Noteworthy Event

As I stood outside my son’s primary school at the end of the school day, children ran around joyfully  under the bright sun, parents chatted among themselves, and a young pre-school toddler played with his older brother.

The toddler ran towards the road, a car was driving along it. He was too far away for any of the parents to reach. Hidden by trees, I do not know if the driver could see him. Hearts pumped.  Then a shout delve through it all, a shout so driven and focused that it seemed to slice through all sound and movement.

Then Silence.

The complete silence of no-action. It seemed that the whole universe was brought to a standstill. Child, Parent, Bird, and even Air paused to take note. More importantly, so did the car.

The moment passed. The child collected. The car continued. Uncertainty about what had just happened buzzed in the air. Some smiles. Some embarrassment. Some awe.

What I witnessed was the power of the shout. Never before had I witnessed it in so pure a form.  The Japanese call the study of it Kiai Jutsu, it’s a worthy avenue to explore!


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