A walk in the woods

Today I walked out into the woods with my two young children and their two young cousins. Not surprisingly it was the first time we have walked since Samhain, but sadly only the second or third since the Equinox.

The woods are local and form the backdrop to the hills behind our homes, yet they remain untrodden by many. To walk amongst the trees, amidst the splendor is a joy in any season.

Each time a new story, a new lesson. Today seeing how a snake climbs a tree, molding itself to the now almost naked form. Today rediscovering a path that took us to ‘the forest’s field’ a circular clearing ‘hidden’ within the wood where several generations have played games, lit bonfires, laughed and celebrated.

Perhaps the greatest gift was the ‘quiet time’ we all had after about halfway into our walk. The children sat on a fallen trunk, I stood a few paces further along the track and after we settled down a little we breathed in the ‘silence’ of the wood. Listening to the singing of the trees, their rustling in the wind and the shedding of their summer’s dress.


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