Earthen Chivalry

Earthen Chivalry is the blog of Michael Bark, a Briton living in and around the Italian Slovenian border city of Trieste.

Although the reader may find a few, badly worded, articles that Michael has written himself, it mainly contains articles and videos authored by others.

Michael Bark, July 2008

Michael Bark, July 2008


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  1. liz and Guy Moss said,

    12 June, 2008 at 6:22 pm

    We love your website! and it was easy to find you, you heathen rogue! This is Liz and Guy, aka Kate and Charlie from John Shango’s Firewalk Instructor Training Course, ten years ago. YES! ten years! We are still together, you are still in Italy, we are still in touch with Mel and Mike and lots of other firewalkers and, as its the 10 year anniversary of our own wedding in September, and 10 years since we all met, we’ve decided to host a celebration of Love and Light (and fire) near our home close to Edinburgh. We would LOVE it if you could join us there with anyone you wish to bring, but we would also love to be back in touch and have a phone no., postal address or email address so we can send you a proper invitation and have some cool conversations, like what has kept you busy all these years. .
    Enough for now,
    much love, Liz and Guy.

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