Chocolate: The Bitter Truth

Here is the first part of a BBC Panorama documentary exposing the slavery behind the production of Chocolate.

Follow its links to watch it in its entirety.


Chocolate and Slavery

The Problem

Forced labor is a problem affecting the entire world. Human beings are considered an expendable commodity. Children are being used and discarded. The information presented here is an attempt to bring about awareness of this problem. Based on existing surveys, documents and reports, it brings to light disturbing facts that many choose to just ignore.

The following is not about opposition to the manufacturing of chocolate, the boycott of chocolate manufacturers; or even what brand of chocolate to buy. Nor is it about instilling guilt in chocolate consumers. It is about creating awareness of our need for responsible and ethical purchasing of the chocolate we consume by providing information on which to base a decision. We are each bound by the consciousness of all and have a moral obligation to participate in the ending of such matters. Chocolate and slavery. You decide. You act.

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