The Big Bang by Simon Singh

In my continual bid to become more scientifically literate I picked up this book under the promise that it would be a readable introduction to the big bang. With delight in my heart and stardust in my eyes I can honestly report that it far exceeded my expectations.

Simon Singh has written a marvellous book that not only introduces the reader to the bones of the subject but also to the beautifully entangled history of characters and events behind our current understanding.

Expand your mind and read it. ­čÖé


Chivalry-Now The Code of Male Ethics

The author of this book, D. Joseph Jacques, is a man who feels that civil society is not teaching it citizens how to live in a just manner. This book Is his attempt to help rectify this.

The book revolves around a code of ethics that the author calls ‘The Twelve Trusts‘. Although seemingly simple upon first glance the author invites us to explore their deeper meanings by devoting a chapter to each one.

This is a thought inspiring work which has the potential to change the reader’s life for the better. It encourages us to consider our daily actions and challenges us to make amends where fault is found.

It is a book that inspires the reader to live a more noble and just life and strengthens the reader so as not to fall pray to the mind numbing propaganda that is fed to us on a daily basis.

As the title suggests it is a text aimed at men, but I believe that the tenets it holds dear are equally valid for both sexes.

If the knights of Arthurian myth make your heart ache with longing, I wholeheartedly recommend that you buy this book and begin to bring your dreams alive.

Living with Honour by Emma Restall Orr

This is a book that has deepened my personal commitment to ethical living more than any other I can think of.

The person who opened the cover was certainly less observant than the one who closed it.

Although primarily aimed at the Pagan/Pantheist/Animist reader I would hearterly recommend any who have an interest in ethical living to read it.

The time would be exceedingly well spent.

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